The Stories Behind the Designs

Every image is a collection of pixels – tiny dots of color and light that bring the big, beautiful picture to life.

Likewise, each of my designs is a collection of thoughts, conversations and ideas. These are my pixels – the interesting little tidbits behind the designs that together tell the story of Lift Creative.

  • Dayton/Smith Inauguration Website + Event Logo


    North Star Ball Photo Credit: Lara Leimbach Photography


  • If the shoe fits ...

    I had the pleasure of designing a new logo for my friend, Jessie Benson, the fashion and running guru at The Right Fits.  He husband took the photos and we developed a strong visual package for her blogging and social media strategy! 

  • Saint Paul Stories

     If you're a public radio geek like me, you're likely familiar with This American Life and The Moth; some of the best programming you'll find. You'll laugh, you'll cry - each story is so personal and intimate. We have our own organization right here in St. Paul that promotes music, the arts, storytelling and theater. Enter, Saint Paul Almanac, founded by Kimberly Nightingale and newly minted Storymobile, a mobile (bicycle-powered!) recording studio. Life Creative helped launch Storymobile with a brand new website (Branding by EPIC) and redesigned the Saint Paul Almanac site with a new brand and logo by Replace


    "Lift Creative is a strong creative group. With lots of energy and exquisite attention to our needs, they worked with us to create a website for our organization that playfully articulates who we are and what we do."

    Kimberly Nightingale



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