The Stories Behind the Designs

Every image is a collection of pixels – tiny dots of color and light that bring the big, beautiful picture to life.

Likewise, each of my designs is a collection of thoughts, conversations and ideas. These are my pixels – the interesting little tidbits behind the designs that together tell the story of Lift Creative.

  • Eh? Ya! Don't ya know?

    We have a Canadian Consulate in Minnesota! And, as you'd guess, they're the nicest group of people. They were looking to create some new promotional materials and banners that would really stand out. For decades the standard look has been stock photography of a US and Canadian flag flying high on blue skies. It's certainly recognizable, but we wanted to create a graphic that would tie together the relationship the midwest consulate has with their five states (Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska & Iowa). Did you know the largest importer of goods from all five states is Canada?






  • 514 Studios & CL Reps

    Through planning our upcoming wedding and sourcing locations for EPIC, I've become quite the expert on Minneapolis's event venue selection. 514 Studios is one of the BEST venues I've encountered in my search. Besides being located in the trendiest part of Minneapolis, North Loop, it's great a great aesthetic. High ceilings, brick walls, a garage door (Food Truck delivery to your event?) and I've saved the best for last: NO REQUIRED VENDORS! That's right, you can customize your event as much or as little as you like. Conor and Luke, the brains and brawn (in no particular order) at 514, are fantastic to work or grab a beer with. 

    I had the pleasure of giving their website a little upgrade along with Conor's personal creative business, CL Reps. Take a look at the results below!

    "We are what is know in the biz as a 'difficult client.' We are indecisive, finicky and terrible with creative timelines. Emily helped us work through our shortcomings to create a gorgeous and functional website that our clients are loving! We highly recommend working with Emily on your next design project"

    - Conor Callahan


  • Thirsty Thursday!

    I've thoroughly enjoyed the recent beer renaissance in Minneapolis with fantastic brews from 612BrewIndeed and others but sometimes a long hard day of design, yoga, and wedding planning deserves a martini, am I right? Fellow yogi, friend and now client of mine, Nathan Newhall is preparing to open Minneapolis's first craft distillery in 2014. He has an exciting, grassroots business plan and an awesome brand to kick things off. You can follow his progress on Facebook and his blog.

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