The Stories Behind the Designs

Every image is a collection of pixels – tiny dots of color and light that bring the big, beautiful picture to life.

Likewise, each of my designs is a collection of thoughts, conversations and ideas. These are my pixels – the interesting little tidbits behind the designs that together tell the story of Lift Creative.

  • EKN Rail Company Branding & Web Design

    I'm so happy to share the new branding and web design for EKN Rail Company. I met Kali Cruz, the new Vice President of Marketing, just before Christmas and we talked about potentially surprising her father (& EKN Rail Co President) with logo for his new business venture. I've actually created a logo as a holiday gift before - LandEscape - from a mother to her son. He was thrilled, but it's a big risk! We decided to wait and tackle the branding and website after the holidays so everyone could be involved. 


    I created a classic logo for EKN Rail Company that captures the romance and history of the railroad while still maintaining the professionalism that was important to Kali and Steve. 



    From the Client:

    "The email was a HUGE success, my dad got awesome positive feedback and we had a pretty good rate of people opening the email.  We actually got two new leads that will almost surely turn into good deals from this email alone!  The site traffic stats only show through the 21st, so I am really excited to see what it says when they update for yesterday.

    Thanks again for your awesome work.  Not only did you deliver a fantastic product, but you could not have been better to work with.  You were always so quick to respond and friendly and beyond helpful.  Choosing you as our logo and website person was the best first big business decision I made!"


    Kali Cruz
    Vice President of Marketing
    EKN Rail Company

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